5 Dangers of Eating Real Food

More and more people are starting to eat food in its real form as it comes from Mother Earth. Are you just going to sit back and watch this happen? Something must be done. Eating real food is dangerous! Here’s why:

  1. It can give you NUTRIENTS. This affects all of the cells. ALL of the systems in your body could become more efficient. Body and mind inclusive.
  2. May cause increased energy levels, concentration and motivation. Watch out.
  3. Can lead to higher self-esteem.
  4. Studies have shown that a real-food diet can increase school achievement levels in children.
  5. It can lead to a gentler footprint on our environment.

Sorry. I’m being a bit silly. I did have a list of sarcastic ways you can stop the real-food movement but I’ve changed it now. My morning writing voice was a little too silly and sarcastic for my evening reading one. But I just wanted to pause and have a think about why some people seem adamant that leading and encouraging real-food lifestyles is somehow irresponsible. I notice comments online and also in real life. An attitude that we must not venture into real-food lifestyles until thorough research has been done. It could be dangerous! It could leave us feeling deprived! It is an act of self loathing! We won’t get all the nutrients we need! And on another level, that people who eat unprocessed food are somehow oddballs with a snobby, stuck up attitude!

Why is this? Money? Fear of change? Addiction to processed food? Envy? Body image? Self-worth? Varying educational schools of thought? Conflicting interests? Prior experience? Fear? Different values? I’m not sure.

I think that everyone should be free to express an opinion, and that nobody is right, so that’s cool. But I totally disagree with the cautionary approach to whole food. And most people I know who follow this kind of lifestyle are actually some of the most empathetic and compassionate ethical thinkers that I know. Because they give a shit about how our food consumption affects themselves and the world.

Research around nutrition will never be conclusive. Like, never ever. Too many variables. Too much stuff we don’t know about our bodies. Surely the only side effect of eating unprocessed food is to get healthier. Isn’t this what we want for ourselves and each other? If it’s what we want to do then can’t we just do it, and without judgement? And help others to do so too when they ask for encouragement too?

Everyone is doing the best they can do with the knowledge and resources that they have. So just let them do that. And if they reach out for support to eat healthier, give it to them. It will not cause harm.

Comments and ideas below are very encouraged. It is a conversation I think is important.

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

For examples of recipes these real-food eaters might cook, click here.


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