How to Enjoy Running!


Me happy and knackered after running the Bridle Path track, Port Hills Chch

Running. The word itself makes some people run at the mention. So many people hate it. But, having a healthy cardiovascular system undeniably feels great. I don’t care who says cardio is bad. I think all exercise is good. Especially when the goal is holistic health, not just pumping up your muscles or sculpting a ‘perfect bod’. Nothing says cardio like running. So how can we do it and keep doing it? Here are are my three suggestions:

  1. Run somewhere spectacular! I enjoy running, but running along the footpaths in the ‘burbs pains me. Get me out into the Port Hills or a national park and I’m high on life!  
  2. Run within a sports game! One guaranteed weekly run-around for me is Wednesday night touch-rugby. It is enjoyable, there is a competitive element to amp up the motivation, and I am accountable to my team mates. It works.
  3. Run with a buddy! Ok so I said suburban footpath running is torture to me, but chuck a good friend with good chat by my side and I am more than happy to do it. There is the accountability factor too.
  4. Enter a challenge or event! I enjoy tracking my improvements if I am running to train for a sports event/race.
  5. Run as a mode of transport! Use running to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. Good for your body, good for the environment, good use of time.      

Tried everything and still loathe running? Then stop running. Start something that you love instead. Not something that just makes you feel good afterwards, but something you enjoy doing at the time. Something you can lose your thoughts in. I believe exercise is only sustainable if you enjoy it. It’s is the only way you will continue to exercise for ever and ever. And that’s what I intend to do. Happy running (Or not).

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

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