Why I do The Things That I Do


This is dedicated to the why behind the what.

I exercise because it makes me feel good, not because I need/want to lose weight or tone up.

I trail-run because there is no better feeling than being away from the city and in nature, the great outdoors.

I box because it makes me feel confident and strong.

I set goals and work hard because I love a challenge, not because I feel like I don’t have enough in my life already. The process of striving to better myself, not the product, gives me thrills.

I cook everyday because it keeps me connected to my food sources. I cook because it is my time to zone out and at the same time hone in on one action. I cook from scratch because the food is better for me that way. I cook because I love the feeling of providing nourishing food for people I love.

I garden because it keeps me aware of where my food comes from. I garden because when I do I feel relaxed, content and at the same time productive. I garden because it gives me thrills to grow food from seed to then harvest it for a home-cooked meal. I garden because I love the world we live in, even with its many, many flaws. I garden because I like to be outside.

I eat mostly nutritious food because I feel my best when I do, not because I’m watching my figure.

I love my body in any condition, because it is loving my body that drives me to take care of it, not hating it.

I socialise with great people because great-ness is contagious.

I smile because it makes myself and others feel good.

I cry because it makes me feel better.

I accept people because I don’t know their background-stories. I don’t know their perspective and therefore don’t understand why they do the things they do.

At the same time I do judge people, because it is really a reflection tool for my own values.

I speak my mind because it builds deeper trust in my relationships.

I write because it fuels my creativity, and for me creativity is the essence of a fulfilling life. I write because it helps me to reflect and improve on my thoughts, actions and values.

I study because I know I’m never right, but I can become more right if I keep learning. This is the same reason I listen.   

I teach because I thoroughly enjoy it. When I stop enjoying it, I’ll find/create another way to make money in an enjoyable way.

What are your whys?

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy



2 thoughts on “Why I do The Things That I Do

  1. Jt says:

    Cool thoughts. Did you know that tears gets rid of cortisol? That’s the stressy chemical, which is why it makes you feel better. The other way getting rid of it is to drink lots of water and go to the loo!

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