My Secret Weapons for De-Stressing


My friend Sephrah blissing out on a rock!

Not really secret, but it sounded good right? And now you’re reading my blog. Great! In my opinion, high levels of stress and anxiety can be just as damaging to health as a processed diet. I reckon the best approach is to catch yourself on the way… prevent it from getting out of hand. To prevent stress I…

  • Do not take work home (an easy trap to fall into as a school teacher). Home is for me and my family and friends. Keeping them separate is key to ‘switching off’ as soon as I walk in my door. It also makes me more productive at work because I have had time to re-charge.  
  • Keep stuff in perspective. I try not to use my energy focussing on silly things like what other people think and comparing myself to others. Sometimes it happens, but I snap out of it pretty quickly.
  • View my to-do-lists as GUIDES for productivity, not deadlines, so that I don’t have a major freak-out if I don’t always meet them. I can keep chugging away at stuff I want to do the next day. The world won’t stop spinning.
  • Methodically work through tasks that need to be done, one by one. One foot in front of the other. Trust the process. Things will be achieved.
  • In saying this, I stay organised so that my shit doesn’t get out of control in the first place.
  • Get rid of stuff in my life that isn’t serving me and my long-term goals.
  • Eat well! Seriously, if I go through periods of eating a bit more processed food and sugary stuff than usual, my mood plummets and I get wound up about stupid things more easily. This is really a good thing, because it means I have no desire to continue eating the crap!
  • Spend my time with cool fun people, and not with d-buzz judgy people.
  • Let things go when they need to be let go.
  • Go to bed early.

Sometimes preventing high stress is not possible. So when I do get in a tizz, I…

  • Take deep breaths
  • STOP and change tack. Sometimes you realise you’re just going about things in the wrong way.  
  • Remind myself that the crazy-busy-stressful period will pass.
  • Laugh! Laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh some more. I wrote a bit about the benefits of laughing here.
  • Do some yoga (even just 10 minutes).
  • Do a ten-minute meditation.
  • Have a cup of tea.
  • Get a massage .
  • Accept that failure is part of success.
  • Stop what I’m doing, do nothing and play some rad music.
  • Do a boxing session or another form of exercise.
  • Read a fiction book.

These strategies can seem obvious, but you actually have to get your shit together and DO them if they’re going to reduce the effects of stress in your life. I also think that the latter set of strategies here, the what I do when stress is overwhelming me list, is a list of band-aid approaches to stress. What I’m saying is to really handle stress in your life you need to get the first list in order; the things I do to prevent the effects of stress list.  Cups of tea and yoga ain’t going to give you a smooth life if you’re still running around like a headless chook doing an unachievable number of things you hate doing all day long!

Just my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours.

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

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