Five Signs You’re Forgetting to be Unapologetically YOU!


We all do it; forget to be ourselves sometimes!! How ridiculous does that sound. But I think it’s particularly true in an age where other people are show-casing their perceived highlights of their lives on social media. We compare ourselves to those highlights, then feel inadequate, then quickly try to do things we normally wouldn’t just to bring our life standards up to social media levels. But it’s unrealistic. It’s unsustainable.

I think being yourself is one of the biggest things you can do for your over-all well-being, and particularly your mental and emotional wellbeing. Not to mention your social wellbeing! When you forget to be yourself, these things can happen:

  1. reprimanding yourself for not being yourself
  2. feeling guilty for not being true to the people around you, and subsequently feeling anxious about your next actions or words
  3. YOUR life passes you by while you live someone else’s… you’re filling your schedule with crazy activities that you don’t really want to or have time to do
  4. ignoring your actual feelings and pretending to be happy and resilient ALL the time… it is OK to feel the bad ones!! It is even GOOD and NECESSARY to feel the bad ones. It helps you grow.
  5. losing sight of your actual dreams because you’re too busy pleasing others

And HERE are some ways you can be your amazing self more:

  1. trust your gut… most of the time
  2. do the stuff you love to do and less of the stuff other people love you to do
  3. take steps towards your dreams every day
  4. speak your mind or don’t speak at all
  5. always be honest… especially to yourself
  6. acknowledge your actions even if those actions weren’t great
  7. dress and present yourself how you like to, not how others expect to you to (when I first became a teacher, I went out and bought lots of ‘teacher clothes’ so I could fit nicely into the role. I would always wear makeup to work even though I don’t wear it outside of work. Now I wear what feels good, while still being teacher appropriate, and not a drop of makeup… unless i feel like it!)
  8. Just do and say the stuff that feels right to you, that you don’t look back on and wonder why you did or said them (granted, everyone will do this at some stage as they grow… I look back on my first year of uni and wonder why I did things all the time!)

You can read more about how I try to live my own life here.

Go ahead and reflect on whether you’re being unapologetically YOU. Whether you’re letting your true self shine! I think we all need to work on this, especially when we’re on social media or with people we don’t know really well. So why not start now?

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy


2 thoughts on “Five Signs You’re Forgetting to be Unapologetically YOU!

  1. Katie R says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only teacher who wears zero make up! I just feel like it’s a waste of the time that I could spend sleeping longer.

    Thanks for the reminder though. I think sometimes we focus so much on being “perfect” when really nobody is ever!

    • Admin says:

      Such a waste of time! I think it is good to learn to love yourself without make-up and actually find my self-esteem is higher without it than with. So that’s pretty cool.

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