5 Ways with Beetroot!

Beetroot…. that lush, vibrant blood-red vegetable that lures you in at the shops only to sit in the vegetable bin of your fridge to go a bit soft. Then QUICK, you find a way to use it because you hate waste!! Amidst the use-all-the-old-veggies rush, half the kitchen surface (and your body) are stained with red.


Here are five ways to use that luscious vegetable and make it shine like a star instead of remaining an end-of-week after-thought…

  1. Grated salad – beetroot makes for a salad feast for the eyes as well as the mouth… grate it up with carrot, purple cabbage, zucchini, and add your favourite dressing or dried fruit, nuts and seeds… I love beetroot, carrot, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and a squeeze of orange!  
  2. Baking – the resulting moist-ness of using beetroot in your baking is amazing. Try these Chocolate Beetroot Brownies for a decadent real-food treat.
  3. Meat patties – grate ‘em up and add them to the mix of your meat patties. Try this Beef ‘n’ Beet Burgers recipe. 
  4. Smoothies – grate it up and throw a small handful into your next smoothie for a nutrient boost. You can freeze the grated beetroot in ice-cube trays for an easy smoothie go-to ingredient. Goes well with berries and cacao!
  5. Scrambled eggs – next time you scramble your eggs, toss through a handful of grated beetroot about half way through. Add a bit of chopped feta cheese and you’ve got yourself an irresistible brekkie or lunch!

So go ahead, embrace those red hands and enjoy creating new things with your beetroot!

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

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