#10 Manage My Stress: Jasmine’s Healthy Habits…

 … that you can do too!

Ok so ommmm isn’t quiiiite the sound-track of my life as I juggle work, study, blogging, and other real life admin and activities. But I do take a good shot at being aware of and managing my stress. Someone (who I cannot remember) said that you can’t reduce stress, but you can manage it. Stress is always there in some way, especially in this fast-paced modern life. But I choose to respond to the stress strategically so that it doesn’t control my life. Some ways that I manage my stress include…  

  • Saying no! Postponing or cancelling plans if I have too much on my plate
  • Taking some ‘me time,’ as I have also written about here
  • Write… write anything!
  • Doing stuff that makes me feel good
  • Exercising, even for a short ten-minute walk or skipping session in the back yard
  • Talking… to a friend, family member or colleague
  • Practicing yoga
  • Meditating
  • Reading a book
  • Taking some deep breaths
  • Pottering in the garden for a little while
  • Patting and smooching my cat on the VERY odd occasion she obliges
  • Hugging my partner, a friend or a family member (hugs are just MAGICAL)
  • Putting my thoughts into perspective… will it matter in a five years? Granted this can be difficult when you’re feeling stressy.  
  • Having a solo dance party in the kitchen while cooking a darn good meal (neighbours, you are most welcome for the show-stopping dance performances)
  • Cranking up some feel-good music on the UE boom (again neighbours, you are welcome)… my go-to is The Cat Empire
  • Cranking up some let’s-get-frank-and-maybe-a-little-cynical-about-life music, such as Lily Allen

These are NOT strategies for ignoring the stress that I feel. Rather, they are strategies for reducing the negative impact that stress has on my life. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, I just have to ride it out and accept that I’ve taken on too  much because I am an over-committer and just need to be really super stressed for a minute!! And then I get over it and all is good, as I realise I wouldn’t want live my life any other way. I like it to be full.

These are some of my tools for stress management. They might work for you too. What can you add to the list?

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy  


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