#9 I live My own Life: Jasmine’s Healthy Habits

…. That you can do too! 

Warning: this blog post is ALL ABOUT MEEE!


I am happiest when I truly live my own life. When I’m travelling on my own journey, and nobody else’s. Here are six ways I live my own life:

  1. I set my OWN goals (don’t follow anybody else’s) and maintain the belief that anything is possible if I put in the effort and seek the knowledge and advice that I need.
  1. I do what makes ME feel good, not what makes others feel good. I eat the way that makes me feel good, rather than following super-food (and junk-food!) trends. I do the exercise that makes me feel good, when I feel like doing it. I spend my downtime in a way that makes ME feel good… often in the outdoors, or snuggled up reading a good book with my cat Meila (if she’ll oblige…)!
  1. I have a career that makes ME feel good, and I fulfil my professional role in the way that works for me.
  1. I am ME, in all situations; at work, at home, around my friends, around my partner’s friends, around my friends’ friends, out in public, meeting new people, in job interviews, during teaching observations, and more! ALL the situations!
  1. I question everything. I take advice on board, but only implement the stuff I agree with or works for me.
  1. I know my own values and stick to my guns… my beliefs and opinions are MINE to keep and embody… and I’ll voice them if I feel I need to. I won’t do something that I don’t want to if it doesn’t line up with my values.

So there you have it, six ways that help me live my own life. It keeps me focussed. It keeps me genuine. It keeps me happy. So go ahead and be YOU too xx

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy


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