#8 Smile, Laugh, Have Fun! Jasmine’s Healthy Habits…

…that you can do too!

In every situation, I find a reason to smile, laugh or choose to have fun. It enhances my happiness, or flips gloomy-ness on its head. So when I find myself in a situation that is super BORING, dry, serious, depressing or tense, yepp….I smile! And, everything feels better. When choose to smile or laugh, these things happen:

  • Difficult tasks get easier
  • I feel good…. more relaxed and happy
  • Others feel good too, because when you smile at someone, they return the smile, and then they feel more relaxed and happy too!
  • Tasks become more fun and fulfilling
  • I feel like I can tackle anything!

Why do these things happen? Studies suggest that laughter and smiling (which for me are both involved in having fun!) can be a useful tool for decreasing the production of stress hormones and enhancing one’s current mood[1] at least for a little while. But I reckon if you do it all the time, it has long lasting effects! Right?! It even applies to forced smiles and laughter… and if you have ever attempted this, you will know that it usually leads to REAL smiles and REAL laughter, and just general ridiculousness.

These results suggest that adults who act happy (broad smile; hearty laugh) for a minute a day are likely to elevate their mood for at least a few seconds.

So becoming one of these happy-acting adults might just help you become a more wholesome, happy, healthy human. I hope you give it a try!

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

[1] Neuhoff, C. C., & Schaefer, C. (2002). Effects Of Laughing, Smiling, And Howling On Mood. Psychological Reports,91(3f), 1079-1080. doi:10.2466/pr0.2002.91.3f.1079


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