#7 Sleep Hygiene: Jasmine’s Healthy Habits

…that you can do too!






Sleep is as important as nutrition, in my opinion. I am writing this as one of MY healthy habits, but this is actually a tricky one for me. Despite placing huge value on good sleep every night, I don’t always achieve this. I often say that I’m not a good sleeper. HOWEVER, when I do get a good sleep, I feel amazing the next day. And, it does not happen by accident. And this is why I know that the following things help to achieve good sleep hygiene:

  1. ZERO screen time at least an hour before bed. I switch off my devices (actually, I don’t most of the time, but I am certainly working on it!!!). They disrupt my sleepy hormones, and encourage my mind to work overtime.
  2. Have a dark, quiet room. If, like me, you live in a populated area with obnoxious street lights and fellow human beings surrounding your residence, this might just require a little precious-ness from yours truly, by wearing an eye mask and ear plugs to bed. I don’t need to do this when I am visiting my quiet home towship, Marahau/Motueka, but I do need to do this where I live, Christchurch.
  3. Fresh lavender flowers in my pillow-case. So dreamy!
  4. Be physically active during the day so there is no built up energy hanging about when it is not wanted.
  5. Letting go of small, petty thoughts about this and that, that get me wound up.
  6. Reading a non-fiction novel before bed to help wind down the day’s thoughts.
  7. Be ready for tomorrow, so I am not mentally running through what I need to do in the morning. This includes having breakfast planned or ready, having my clothes organised to throw on after the shower, and having my bag packed with whatever I will need for the day.
  8. Only using the bed for sleep, reading and sex. If I use it for lesson planning, blogging or social media etc, then I am more likely to have those on my mind when trying to get the zzzz’s.
  9. Take a magnesium supplement before bed… I reckon sometimes it helps me to relax into sleep, and sometimes it does not. There must be a reason, perhaps it comes down to what my body actually requires at a given time. Plus, I am still debating whether vitamin and mineral supplementation is a good idea when you already have a nutrient-dense diet. What do you think?
  10. Camomile tea after dinner… but not straight before bed or I need to pee once I manage to get to sleep… it seriously has an immediate relaxing effect on me. Apparently it helps you poo well too. Win, win!!

These are probably ideas that you are already well aware of, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves from time to time. Do you agree with my ideas? What are some ideas YOU, amazing human, would add to the list?

Over to you!

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy

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