#5 Jasmine’s Healthy Habits – Eat Heaps!


I reckon one of the main reasons I maintain healthy eating habits is because I eat heaps of food! Heaps of nourishing food, that is. Filling up on the good stuff leaves no room for the processed food-like stuff. I guess it is the opposite to mainstream dieting advice, in which you ‘can’t’ eat this, or have to ‘cut out’ this, this and this.

Better still, when you’ve been doing it for a good while, your body just starts to want all the good stuff, way more than it wants all the crap stuff. You notice that you just start saying ‘no’ when you get offered the tray of biscuits with your tea at work. Simply because, you just don’t feel like it! You just don’t want it. Eating in this way keeps you satisfied, and ensures you’re getting all the goodness you need to produce healthy cells all throughout your fabulous body. It leads to great energy levels, and even makes you look better too. Bonus.

This little tweak in perspective makes a world of difference to your relationship with food. A much more positive one than when you come from a place of deprivation. Fall back in love with food. Food is your friend! Your really good friend!

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy





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