#3 Jasmine’s Healthy Habits: Bike to Work

img_8772Sometimes I ride my push-bike to work. Not everyday, but that is something I might work up to. I bike other places too. It saves me petrol, but I reckon it also contributes to good all-round health.

Starting the day on my bike allows me to escape from the all too common modern rush, which is especially apparent when living in a city. Biking is slower physically, yes (although I still keep up with the backed-up morning traffic), but it also slows my mind. It helps me to appreciate the little things, and stop sweating the small stuff. When you slow down like that, you begin to appreciate aspects of your world that you might not otherwise notice. The fresh air, the smell of flowers, the elements, the smiles that get thrown your way, birds, the relationships between people walking by, your own health, community involvement, and just the world around you. You notice life more, and that’s pretty cool.

I also love the way that morning exercise brings energy and clarity to my day. Biking instead of driving to work allows me to include exercise in my morning routine with next to no extra time. It wakes up my brain and body, and my day becomes more productive, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Biking home from work gives me time to unwind and reflect on the day. And by the time I’m home from work, I am no longer thinking about it. Or at least, I am thinking about it in a positive way rather than feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

It is nice to know I’m being kind to the environment, too.

I love biking.

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy



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