Five-Spice Pork  


Time: half an hour plus marinating time… if you’re patient.

Makes: Three  to Four Serves

Ingredients: 600 grams of pork (snitzel or fillet) quarter of a cup of soy sauce or tamari, 1 tablespoon of five-spice, 2 tablespoons of honey, coconut oil for frying.

Steps: Slice the pork into smaller squares. Mix together the tamari/soy sauce, five-spice and honey, and use it to coat the pork. Marinate for as long as you like from no time at all to overnight. Obviously, you will get more flavour from a longer marination! Heat a good pan with a dollop or pour of coconut oil (depending on the climate of your whereabouts!) to a medium heat. Add the marinated pork and sizzle for a few minutes on each side or until cooked though. I like to cook it long and hot enough that the marinade begins to caramelise on the outside of the pork.

Serve with kumara mash and steamed veggies, or a beautiful, fresh garden salad!

By Jasmine from Franklee Healthy

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