#1 Jasmine’s Healthy Habits – Grow a Veggie Garden

img_8670 img_8671 img_8672 img_8674 img_8673The next ten weeks of blog posts will feature my personal healthy habits that I feel make my life more awesome. My first healthy habit – grow a veggie garden!

It’s the first year I have set aside the time to grow and nurture a lush garden full of herbs and vegetables… parsley, basil, lemon balm, oregano, sage, fennel, beetroot, Swiss chard, carrots, sweet peas, purple cauliflower, rocket, puha, pansies, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and more! Some I planted in the ground, others in containers and pots when I ran out of room. I carefully prepared the soil for weeks before planting, sourced organic heritage seeds that I nurtured into seedlings, transplanted them, and I regularly nourish them with ocean nutrients and water… and of course I harvest them! And collect the seeds when they bolt, so I can plant them again. Seems like a lot of effort…. But here are a few reasons that I think gardening is worth it:

  • Gardening gives me beautiful, fresh, nourishing food every single day. It means I also eat more of it, because there is something special about eating veggies from your own garden. It tastes better too.
  • Gardening gives me a fresh dose of sunshine on days that I spend mostly indoors.
  • Gardening gives me a reason to be mindful. I am connected with my food source, and notice every little change in my plants from when they are seeds to when they are producing veggies. It makes me smile.
  • Gardening gives me movement in ways that I wouldn’t otherwise use my muscles. Think lots of shovelling, squatting and pulling, especially when the weeds start to come through!
  • Gardening gives me me-time. The time I spend gardening is super valuable. It is time blocked out to just do one thing – garden. There is no multi-tasking involved. Just complete focus on one, fulfilling activity.
  • Gardening gives me a connection with the environment in which we live. It helps me to appreciate planet Earth and motivates me to look after it so that it can keep on giving us food. Simultaneously I am minimising my carbon footprint, as my veggies have zero travel distance, packaging or chemicals involved.
  • Gardening gives me enjoyment and happiness. I don’t know what it is, but gardening is like therapy to me! It just gives me a good feeling.
  • Gardening gives me a new community. It is amazing how many people I connect with now that I have a garden… from people from whom I get advice, community gardens where I buy some seedlings, to chatting to colleagues and friends and stealing seedlings from other gardeners. I now have plants from a friend’s garden and my dad’s garden growing in my own.

Gardening will always be a part of my life, because it brings me so many holistic benefits! And this is by no means an exhaustive list of good things that gardening can bring. Comment below if you have anything to add! You don’t have to start with big garden… just start by planting one or two things if you like. Happy gardening!

By Jasmine at Franklee Healthy


4 thoughts on “#1 Jasmine’s Healthy Habits – Grow a Veggie Garden

  1. Diane says:

    Fantastic articles dear. Certainly in the Trafford blood. Yes, your grandparents lived up Kanakanaia Valley, they along with most families, had large vege gardens with plenty fruit shares. Self sufficient. (I am an old neighbour, Diane Barlow, went to school with dad and uncles. I am enjoying reading your articles with many more ahead.
    Ka kite ano

    • Admin says:

      Thanks Di! So nice to hear from people who are reading it. Definitely lucky to have the real-food thing running through the family.
      Jasmine 🙂

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