10 Tips For Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Don’t Ever Diet


A real-food lifestyle has no room for dieting. Diets are all about restricting certain foods and allowing others. Real-food lifestyles are just about eating real food (the stuff that comes from Mother Nature) and not food-like substances (the stuff made in factories).

Restricting particular food sets up an ongoing psychological battle. It sets up an “I can’t have that” mentality. And of course, this makes you want it more. A real-food lifestyle, however, is all about nourishing yourself with delicious, fresh food until your body realises that real-food is what it wants anyway. This is much more fulfilling than deprivation.

Speaking of deprivation, a real-food lifestyle has nothing to do with it. Calories are restricted during a diet, but during a real-food lifestyle you can eat as much as you need to in order to feel full. It is all about the quality of the food, not the quantity. There is no sense in starving your body when it is obviously communicating hunger. And, hunger is not the same as cravings.

Cravings are rife within a diet, because deprivation leaves your blood-sugars low. So, you instantly crave the sweet stuff, because the sweet stuff will shoot your blood-sugars back up. Unfortunately blood-sugar levels will plummet even lower than they started soon after. This up-and-down blood-sugar scenario is non-existent in a real-food lifestyle, because real foods fuel your body in a way that sustains steady energy throughout the day.

Finally, nature’s food has a balance about it that ensures you receive the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you need, provided you eat a good variation of foods. This means no counting macronutrients. You can get rid of those kitchen scales for this purpose. Just eat freely and happily with total satisfaction.

So go ahead and get rid of the dieting mentality, and bring on the nourish and fill yourself with real foods mentality. It is easier, healthier, more satisfying and just makes way more sense.

By Franklee Healthy