1o Tips for Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Plan Ahead

img_8264 A little effort spent planning ahead pays off in a big way. Dream up your delicious real-food ideas on Sunday, do a big food shop for the week, and feel the flow throughout the week. Why?

Because, otherwise the real-food thing won’t happen! That time-space after work is a terrible time to be dreaming up delicious real-food ideas, and subsequently buying your ingredients (while you’re hungry) at the supermarket. Unless you have already planned and shopped for dinner, it is the time that you will probably feel like eating crappy processed food. It is the time that you decide you cannot be bothered cooking, and jump in the car for some quick-fix takeaways instead. But when you plan, you tend to just get in there and cook, or at least you are much more likely to. You don’t have to think, and you are already dreaming of your delicious real-food dinner.

Lunch is probably even more important to prepare and take with you to work, because it is quite difficult to find real-food on the run… unless you have a wonderful real-food café near your work, then lucky you! But it could be a bit of a strain on the wallet.

My advice is to buy a few awesome fun real-food recipe books to have on your bookshelf. Flick through them on a Sunday and choose a few recipes that make your mouth water. Shop accordingly and reap the benefits during the week.

After a while it will begin to really flow. Try it, you won’t look back!

By Franklee Healthy

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