10 Tips For Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle – Relax and Have Fun With It


A real-food lifestyle is not about going on a diet. It is not about restricting and depriving yourself. It is not about following special rules that promise weight loss; it is not about weight loss at all. It is about full health. It is about learning to love the delicious, fresh and flavoursome food that nature perfectly provides for us. It is about feeling the energy and vigour that real food passes onto us.

But when we become more aware of the food we are eating, it is easy to become obsessed. When we learn what processed and unnatural franken-foods can do to our body and mind, it is easy to become worried about putting them in your body, ever. It is easy to over-think things and become a little anxious about what foods to eat. Particularly because there is so much conflicting science and advice out there!

Just relax a little, is my advice to you. Choose the best option available in any situation. You will have more control over food in some situations than others – like home versus a café. But it is not about being in control. It is about making the best choices for you. And sometimes, choosing something less healthy over the super-charged-health-food option may indeed be the best choice for your mind and soul at the time.

For me, I have fun with seeking out the healthiest most nourishing options. I LOVE browsing the stores to find new healthy goodies that come just as nature intended. Those goodies might simply be the fruit that has most recently come into season. Or it could be the preservative-free coconut cream that has appeared on the shelves. I always get a thrill out of my food shopping experience! I understand that might sound a little crazy. I get a buzz out of ordering the fresh and nourishing option on the menu at a café. I find it fulfilling. But if I want a less healthy option at the time (which is not very often because I think my body has balanced out to actually want healthier food) then I’ll get that instead. That’s because it is the best option for me, and will make me the happiest at that time.

What I am trying to say is that if you want a long-term real-food lifestyle, then eat real food most of the time but don’t get hung up on the times that you don’t. It is actually really challenging to eat one hundred per cent real food in this modern life. I certainly don’t. But I do most of the time. And because of this, my body regulates itself and ends up wanting real-food over processed food anyway. Which means there is no deprivation. There is no limitation. There is just real pleasure in eating beautiful, fresh food and discovering the wonderful places it can be found. There is playing with the delightful ways it can be prepared. And there is experiencing the benefits that it gives. So enjoy real food most of the time, but just relax and have fun with it.

By Franklee Healthy

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