10 Tips For Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Educate Yourself

img_8122When you learn how different foods can heal or harm your body and mind, you begin to just WANT to eat real food. Processed food, on the most part, loses its appeal entirely. When you understand what processed food does in your body, and the disease, discomfort, and general low quality of life that it can lead to, you just don’t want to touch it anymore!

It is not as simple as checking your news apps for the latest nutrition break-throughs each morning, or reading the foodie side of the blogoshere for updates. TV news doesn’t cut it either. Get into some peer-reviewed published books. And read both sides of the story; advances in nutritional science could indeed be viewed as a story. It is super difficult for scientists to perform accurate studies both for ethical reasons and because it is impossible to control every aspect.

Think about it… it is unethical to feed a large group of humans a diet of processed crap to see if it leads to modern disease. And, the health improvements shown in the study group that eats ‘paleo’ for an extended period of time could be due to many variables… the fact that processed food was removed, the fact that vegetable intake went up, even the placebo effect. It doesn’t necessarily prove that meat (even grass fed!) is a healthy or necessary part of a human diet. Then again, it might be! There is just not really any reliable way of knowing. So you need to think for yourself.

Get down to the public library, get a bunch of books out that explore all different nutritional perspectives. Read them all up with an open mind, and decide for yourself how you want to eat to achieve the best version of you. And remember, it all might change next month. But I am yet to find any literature that advises against eating real, fresh food. Particularly the stuff that grows in the ground! So I personally will continue to love cooking and eating delicious real, fresh food! Be well.

By Franklee Healthy

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