10 Tips for Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Shop Smart



Fact: You will eat the food that hangs out in your kitchen So, stock it up with beautiful fresh food! Shopping smarter is a fantastic strategy for achieving this goal. It all comes down to navigating and getting to know your food sources.

Shop at farmers markets. No packaged food available! Juts gorgeous, recently alive, fresh, nourishing food! So inspiring and delicious! The abundance of fresh fruit, veggies, quality meats and homemade goodies are not the only reason I love farmers markets. It is also a lovely feeling getting to know the people who put the effort and love into growing or raising your food. You can’t beat those community feels. You make a stronger connection with where your food actually comes from, and thus build a meaningful appreciation of every little wholesome bite. You know that the food is local and thus fresher, easier on the environment and you will be supporting local people. Also, produce at markets is generally cheaper than the inflated prices presented at the supermarket. Especially when you consider that it is better quality. Win, win, win!

If you can’t access a local farmer’s market, those little veggie shops dotted around the place are wonderful too. Prices are cheaper, and often some or all of the produce is grown locally. And again, you get to know the people who grew your food. And they usually share your passion for real food, too.

I enjoy visiting the butcher for my meat. Again, better quality and people who work there have a passion for the stuff. It is also fresher. They are super helpful when you want particular cuts or tips and tricks too. I do find that it is slightly more expensive than the supermarket, but I like to go for quality not quantity, so it all evens out.

I do a little visit to the supermarket for spices, some canned stuff like chickpeas, beans and coconut cream, plus things like almond milk and nuts and seeds. But, you can sometimes get some of these things at the farmers markets too.

If life is way too full and a rushed supermarket shop is all you can manage at this point in life, then no worries. Just stick to the outside of the supermarket and don’t venture down the isles where all the packaged and processed food lives (or doesn’t ‘live’… and is very far removed from something that ever did live…). You can definitely achieve a real-food shop-up when you navigate the supermarket in this way.

These are just a few ideas to help out a little. Do you have more ideas or tips and tricks for shopping smarter in the real-food style? Comment below, I would love to hear them!

To health, happiness and total wellbeing!

By Franklee Healthy




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