10 Tips for Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Be Part of a Supportive Community


Zoe and ILiving a real-food lifestyle can be really hard when the people around you are not doing the same. Surround yourself with other people who are passionate about eating real-food. Even if it’s the only step you take towards being healthier, I reckon your health would improve by default.

You will learn new things, be inspired by new cooking ideas, catch and spread the passion, and be regularly reminded why you eat real-food in the first place. It will help you live and breathe full health! Ultimately you will SEE living results of a real-food lifestyle in your friends who exude the beauty and happiness that it can bring.

If your current friends group does not value fresh real food and health and wellbeing (but you still love ‘em to bits), then I would suggest joining an online community, or creating your own online space to share all of the lovely real-food ideas, wins and challenges. By creating this community you can keep the real-food love circulating, growing and evolving.

Just make sure you have a crew that you can bounce ideas off, become excited with, and push through challenges with! Think of them as your personal wellness team. Together you will be able to sustain health and wellness for life.

By Franklee Healthy



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