10 Tips for Achieving a Real-Food Lifestyle: Learn to Love to Cook!



Cooking seems to have become an arduous chore in our busy modern lifestyles. It doesn’t have to be! Some of you will already LOVE to cook and feel like there are not enough nights in the week to cook ALL the delicious real-food recipes!! Excuse the excitement… I am one of those people. I find cooking to be very therapeutic.

But for those of you who put cooking off for half an hour… just 20 more minutes…. Just 10 more minutes… I’ll start cooking in 3 minutes…. bugger it I’ll just get takeaways…! If you’re one of those people, you obviously loathe the thought of cooking. It doesn’t have to be that way, and here are seven tips to learn to love to cook:

  1. Make an attitude adjustment… think of cooking as something you get to do because you have access to an abundance of beautiful food and are lucky enough to have a functioning kitchen in which to create gorgeous nourishing food for loved ones (including yourself)!
  2. Make a cooking ritual… make it your ‘me-time’ – find something that makes cooking more enjoyable for YOU. I often listen to my favourite music or podcasts while cooking. I see it as my own little time slot to do these things I wouldn’t otherwise find time to do.
  3. Grow a garden to help you get back in touch with your food sources and learn to truly appreciate the beauty of real-food. There is something special about cooking food that you have grown.
  4. Cook with a friend – make your nightly cooking into a social event… it could be a flatmate, or you and a friend could visit each others’ houses alternative nights to cook together.
  5. Plan ahead – it can really take the stress out of cooking. When you know what you are going to cook, and already have the ingredients from your weekly shop, you can just slide on into the kitchen after work and get started. Ahh, ‘me-time.’ It can become a grounding experience rather than a stressful one.
  6. Get inspired! Follow lots of fun and exciting blogs and social media pages that ooze a passion for healthy food! I promise you, it is contagious. Read some awesome real-food recipe books, and watch the four-part documentary, ‘Cooked’ by Michael Pollan. It is also in book form, and he has lots of other books that are on my reading list! Books, books, books! See… the cooking excitement is infectious!
  7. Keep it simple – start simple and you will probably find that as your enjoyment for cooking grows, so will your desire to experiment in the kitchen.

With your amazing mind, you have the power to learn to love anything. So go ahead and learn to love the process of cooking. Your health is worth it. Enjoy!






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