A deliciously spiced, fall off the bone comfort meal. And it only requires about 25 minutes of hands-on effort. The slow-cooker does the rest.

Serves: 4    Time: 25 minutes hands-on, 8-10hrs hands-off


Ingredients: 4 lamb shanks, a handful of chopped tomatoes, chopped spring onion, juice of a lemon, about a tablespoon each of cinnamon, ras el hanout, turmeric, ginger and cumin, some chopped fresh chilli to taste, salt, pepper, 1 cup of warm water, a handful of soaked or canned chickpeas.

Steps: Layer the ingredients from first to last in the slow-cooker. Turn ono ‘high’ for 8-10 hours. The longer the better.

Cauliflower Tabouli

Ingredients: Cauliflower (riced in the food processor), macadamia oil, chopped fresh mint, chopped fresh garlic, finely diced cucumber, finely diced zucchini, finely chopped baby spinach, salt and pepper (and any other finely diced veges that you desire!!).

Steps: Fry the ‘riced’ cauliflower and garlic in the macadamia oil in a pan on a medium heat, until just starting to brown. Take it off the heat, add the remaining ingredients, and stir it all up to combine

Yoghurt-Tahini Sauce (not pictured…whoops)

Ingredients: A cup of full fat natural greek yoghurt, some chopped fresh garlic, 2 tablespoons of tahini, finely chopped mint, salt and pepper.

Steps: Mix it all together until smooth and delicious!

Serve the lamb shanks and its juices on top of the tabouli, and dollop some yoghurt-tahini dressing on top. Enjoy!

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