Baked beans are a big kiwi favourite. Unfortunately, the ones on the shelves are full of sugar – I mean who puts sugar in savoury beans?! Luckily, these ones here are even more delicious and versatile. And easy.

Serves: About 2 – depends how you’re using them.   Time: About 10 minutes

Ingredients: Chopped chives, a can of cannellini beans (or your bean of choice…), a chopped tomato, half of a chopped chilli, paprika, fresh rosemary or thyme, a chunk of butter, a chopped rasher of bacon (if you want it), a handful of baby spinach, salt.

Steps: Put all of the ingredients into a little frying pan, bring to a medium heat and stir, simmering, for about ten minutes or until juices start to reduce. Done! Enjoy.

Use these for baked eggs, a side for your brekkie… or lunch or dinner, brekkie itself, a snack… anything really! You can even make a big batch in advance and freeze for later in portions.


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