It is amazing how beautiful just meat and vegetables can taste when they’re cooked all day long! Even better the next day. The perfect winter meal.

Serves: About 4    Time: 5-10 minutes prep and alll day to cook in the slow cooker

Ingredients: Cubed stewing beef (I used topside), a chopped onion, crushed fresh garlic, cubed pumpkin, chopped broccoli (including the stalk!) chopped zucchini, a couple of pieces of ripped up salami (just for some added flavour), a sprinkle of nutmeg, mix herbs, a few bay leaves, salt, pepper, a good drizzle of olive oil and a cup of warm water.

Steps: Layer all of the ingredients in your slow cooker; meat on the bottom and then hardest to softest. Pour water over top. Cook on high for the day – about 8-10 hours will be great! If you are home you can give it a little stir from time to time. Otherwise, just let it do its thing and enjoy, without much effort at all, after a hard day’s work!

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